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"You’ve had a few suitors on the show… who do you think Emma’s soulmate is?"


You’ve gone red.(x)(x)

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Pair of cuties (x)

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Sanji & Zoro (One piece) in palette #93 and #68
for thegreatmatsbysan

I guess it didn’t came out very well… but I hope you like it the way it is. 
You gave me two numbers so I used one for each character (: 

Nathan Fillion & Zachary Levi - Nerd HQ

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Colin and Jennifer being the captains of Captain Swan.

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oh my god [x]

Scott & Stiles (Teen Wolf) palette #46
for groovynacho

So I hated the palette, they seem aliens and I don’t know if they seem Scott and Stiles at all. Anyway this is the best I manage to do, hope you like it ♥


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jennifer and colin being interviewed at SDCC 2014

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